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Burning Embers review - written by Hannah Fielding

Attention! This review may contain spoilers that could reveal the story line or events that occur over the duration of the book. If this does not bother you, or if you would just like to get a better feel of what this book is about before you read it, please feel free to carry on and enjoy this review!

I received this book for free as a physical copy, kindly provided to me by the amazing author of the book - Hannah Fielding!
I would just like to quickly thank Hannah for sending me this book, as well keeping me in the loop about all of her other books! It is really great to have such a friendly and positive connection between myself as a book blogger, and Hannah as a published author. 

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Quick overview:
After calling off her wedding and receiving news that her father has passed, Coral leaves her life in England to travel back to her childhood home in Kenya, Africa. In Kenya, Coral takes ownership of her inheritance - the plantation, Mpingo. 

Although, while on the voyage Coral meets a handsome stranger, who she again encounters days later, and he is introduced as Rafe de Monfort. The man who is a known womanizer and her new neighbor who is thought to be involved in her fathers death...  

(Burning Embers by Hannah Fielding)

Read the full summary and check out other books by Hannah Fielding on this Goodreads link.

Personal opinion on the book:
When I first received this book, I kinda expected it to be a sappy romance book, but it turned out to be so much better than that. Yes, it is very different to the type of books that I would normally read, but it was actually really good to read.
From the very first few pages, I was struck by how in-depth the description of every little detail was, up to the point when I was kinda like "damn! this book." 
By page 3 I could already feel myself being drawn into the book's story line, although the book was apparently meant to be set in the 1970's and 1960's, but I honestly couldn't tell the difference in the setting. 
Another thing that also sat really well with me was the mention of how it was a struggle for women to break into the 'male dominated workplace,' I just feel really happy that this book brought mention to that as well as having it's most prevalent 'love' story line. 
*For warning for if you read this book (and you really should), by page 9, I was already 'awing' and starting to like that characters. 
Some of the stories that were told within this book are really cool sounding, and I am very interested into finding out if the stories mentioned are actually African tales, or creatively made up. 
All along the time that I was reading this book, there was so much mystery lurking under the surface. I even got to the point where I just wanted to flip to the end of the book and see how it ends!
Onto the characters:
I myself felt as though Coral (who was the main female character) was a highly altering character, at times I found her to be charming, strong and independent, and at other times I thought that she was whiny, childish and kinda stupid. By the end of the book, I felt as if she had made quite a lot of development, which was really quite cool to read.
The main male lead, Rafe, was honestly such an annoying character! At times he was cocky, distant and rude, and at other times he was charming and 'smoldering.' Once again, from the beginning of the book to where it ended, there was quite a lot of character development as well. But I did get the feeling that in a way, he 'tamed' the wild nature of Coral, and personally I found that to be a bit weird. 
The other characters included two females who both loved Rafe, one of these turned out to be quite lovely by the end of the book, and the other was Coral's step-mother. This was quite strange, so this means that Coral ended up with a man 10 years older than her, who had previously had a relationship with her step-mother who was about 10 years younger than her father who died.... 
Kinda sounds like a soap opera! But this all just contributed to how much mystery and how amazing this engaging this story line was! 

This book was actually so engaging and interesting, I really enjoyed the twists and turns! Overall, an absolutely fantastic read! 

Star rating (out of 5):

This book was so amazing because of all the in-depth descriptions which made the book feel so real. I loved all of the mystery and twists, which is why I give this book a 3/5 stars. 

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I am so very happy to announce that with the completion of this book, I have recovered from my book reading slump! This is actually such a great feeling for me! 
I have been having trouble with picking up a book and reading it for the last... 4 months! Which is actually such a long time! And since I finished this book two days ago, I have finished another book as well!
So now I must say a HUGE THANK YOU TO HANNAH FIELDING for getting me out of this book reading slump! But also make sure to keep your eyes wide open and on this blog, to see a few more reviews and random post coming very soon! 

Thank-you for reading this, hope you enjoyed! 

Until next time, keep reading!
-Shelbi (Book Ambrosia)

Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Busy Life and Blog Update...

Okay, so I just wanted to write a REALLY quick blog post to catch you up on why I have been so inactive lately.
So, firstly, I am actually in a book reading slump... Actually, that is not the right way to put it, I would LOVE to read hundreds of books! But I am actually just so swamped with school work, school it's self and also my two jobs... 
So, this is in no way me saying I will not be posting on here anymore!!!! I WILL!!!!
But I am just going to probably be inactive for the next, three weeks or so.. But as soon as I finish all my exams, I will be back and as bloggie and book-crazy as ever! 
Thank-you so much for understanding!

Until next time, keep reading!
-Shelbi (Book Ambrosia)

Friday, 12 August 2016

Vic Challenger: Fast - written by Jerry Gill | Review

Attention! This review may contain spoilers that could reveal the story line or events that occur over the duration of the book. If this does not bother you, or if you would just like to get a better feel of what this book is about before you read it, please feel free to carry on and enjoy this review!

I received this book for free as a physical copy, kindly provided to me by the amazing author of the book - Jerry Gill!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Quick overview:
Vic is a reincarnated cave girl, she is on the ultimate quest to find her soul mate. But along with this journey, Vic and her best friend, Lin, writers and well trained warriors, go on a series of death-defying adventures that test their skills. 
On this adventure, the two writers travel to Australia to visit Vic's family as well as receive inspiration for their writing. But when the map to a family treasure is stolen, it becomes personal. The girls set out after the Bushrangers, and along the way face nameless creatures, shot-offs and much more! 
Join Vic and Lin on this action-packed adventure!

(Vic Challenger: Fast by Jerry Gill)

Read the full summary and check out other books by Jerry Gill on this Goodreads link.

Personal opinion on the book:
This is actually such a fun review to write up, because I decided that I would get sticky notes that I could write my comments and opinions on and stick into the book! It looks so cool and is really helpful while I am writing this! 
Upon reviving this book, my first though was, this is so COOL! It's a book based in Australia! I also couldn't get over the fact that in English class I had just finished a unit on Australian representations! Like what an incredible coincidence! 
Once I started reading the book, I realised that it was actually a really amazing action-packed adventure! And one of the additional things that just makes this book all the better is the fact that although this is book #5, I am still able to read it and completely understand the story line although I haven't read the other books.
The book also felt very set apart from any other of the book I have recently read, this book was set in the 1920's (I believe) and it was written really well and the time era was able to be seen through the writing of the story. Overall, this already set this book into my good books! (Please forgive my sad puns...)
Not only was this book action packed, but it also had so really deep and meaningful messages. One of the stand out paragraphs talks about journeys and home. It mentions that journeys end, but home is not something you want to be once upon a time. This quote (which I have typed up under the heading "Quote of the book") really spoke to me. I have always had a longing to travel, but it has reminded me that it is still important to not leave the people you love in the past, they will always be  with you. So live in the moment, but always keep in mind the people that you love.
The research that must have gone into writing this book is really amazing, but I honestly found it hilarious when it mentioned that Australia was an island! We are not an island, we are just a very small country! HAHA! 
While on the topic of the "Australian Representation," I also though about how strange it was that people from other countries do not have to worry about getting sun burnt the second they step into the sun. Also, when I was younger, a dry-as-a-bone was my life! It literally kept you dry as a bone when it rained!
This book also brought up some of the awful things that are happening in Australia and all across the world. People are being treated wrongly because of the colour of their skin! It is just not right and it need to be stopped, we are all people just the same and we all need to treat others as we would like to be treated! (Sorry, but this topic is very important! But rant done) It is pretty obvious that this book is amazing at bringing up feelings and emotions!
There were some disgusted emotions, but I was mainly hugely impressed by the amazing girl power in this book! My mum raised me to always be a fan of girl power, and I am still a very big fan of girls standing by each other, just like Vic and Lin did!
Now, although I found that this book was a very enjoyable read, it had plenty moments where I was kinda confused and weirded  out. This first thing is the cover, it is a bit strange. But after reading the book, it actually really suits aspects of the book! The next is how most of the fight scene's ended... Basically (spoiler alert) everyone dies.. It was so weird how whenever people were killed it was no big deal. Like, dude! You just killed someone! How you going to explain that to the police!? Another weird thing is that at one point Vic was swinging around like Tarzan! It was just so random! Also, there were some unknown animals with red eyes and tried to kill everyone!? Like what!?
And after all of these action and fight scene's, I felt like it was a tiny bit overdone... But the action scene's were all written well! Which made me very happy, I LOVE my action!
One more thing that just left me absolutely DISGUSTED! Was the fact that one of the men in the book killed and innocent man, which was bad, but the horrifying thing was that e then broke a horses leg and then killed it! I JUST HATE THAT! It was just such a horrifying thing to read! 
Now after I have gotten over that awful part of the book, I can now go onto something I though was adorable! They were in a car vs horse shot out, and Vic needed a gun, so a little girl picked it up and was like, "Here lady." It was just a really funny part! 
So overall, through reading my review it is pretty obvious that this book was amazing at getting the reader to feel a WIDE range of emotions! Basically, this book was actually really great! 

Quote of the book:
"Vic and Lin agreed upon trips and home. Journeys are good for life and help you better understand both yourself and the world. Journeys, though, are things that end. Journeys are left in the past. They never wanted to refer to home as once upon a time."

Star rating (out of 5):
This book was so amazing to read because it was a book written about Australia, it really did have so amazing content and I really enjoyed it. Although it was very different to what I usually read, it was still totally worth the read! I give this book a 3.5/5 stars. 
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Okay, so that is actually the first down out of seven paperbacks that I have been sent out by publishers, publicist and authors! So this review is something very special to me! 
Thank-you for reading this, hope you enjoyed! 

Until next time, keep reading!
-Shelbi (Book Ambrosia)

Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Pride and Prejudice | Slightly Obsessed...

Let me start at the beginning... It all happened in the middle of my English class about 2-3 months ago. I was sitting in a tiny hallway with all of the other girls who attend my (all girls) school. The head of the English department told us we could choose an elective book to read. Me being me, I was thrilled that I could choose out of a selection of books to read! 
So I got the list and went home, when I got home I found out the options were as follows:

  1. The Great Gatsby 
  2. The Secret Life of Bees
  3. The Plain Truth
  4. The Book Thief
  5. Pride and Prejudice
So, I heavily debated between The Book Thief (which I have already read) or Pride and Prejudice. And after a LOT of research, I decided upon my FIRST CLASSIC BOOK! - Pride and Prejudice. 
I have always been a bit of a hopeless romantic, but until I started reading this book, I really didn't know just how much of one I was. 
Now, lets skip a few weeks forward to the time I decided that I was OBSESSED! I had finished the book, saved up to buy my own copy, brought Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, watched the BBC episodes (the amazing one with Collin Firth) and also (at the peak of my obsession) decided that I was going to buy a first edition of Pride and Prejudice. 
But I guess that my savings will have to multiply by twenty overnight if I ever have any hopes of buying this first edition... 
But alas! I will now leave you all with this quote! 

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

What am I reading and listening to?:
📖 Vic: Fast 5 - Jerry Gill 
♫ Starving - Hailee Steinfeld & Grey (feat. Zedd) 
📖 Trials of Apollo by Rick Riordan 

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Thank you so much for reading this totally random post! I am going to be doing more of these in the future, I really love just talking about my love for books! 
Also, keep an eye out because I have a great review for Vic: Fast 5 by Jerry Gill coming out SOON!!!!

Until next time, keep reading!
-Shelbi (Book Ambrosia)

Friday, 15 July 2016

Book Slump?

I have something awful happening to me that I NEVER though would happen... I have always felt for the people who have been affected by it, but I never though that it would impact on my life the way that it has. 
I am in a book slump. 
And at present, I don't know what to do about it. I have so many books that I want to read! Up until this point, I wasn't ready to accept the truth, but I cannot deny it anymore. So I am speaking out, I am acknowledging it, so that hopefully I will be able to overcome this massive struggle that I am going through... 
This is my story...

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

HAHA! And to think that I all but failed drama in year 8! If you have gotten this far, I thank you for being so strong and persevering through that! 
To be honest, this post it just going to be me randomly talking about anything that is book related and happening in my life, also why I haven't been posting as much lately. 
So lately, I have found that although I want to read I am psyching myself out of it. So I try to sit down and read and all I can think about is how I am going to fail school if I don't do more school work. I know it sound stupid, but I feel guilty about not doing school work but I also feel guilty about not posting on my blog and reading books...
See my problem here? But I have come up with a solution people!
Instead of feeling like I need to read, I am just going to read when I want to. Sounds simple enough right? And it really is! 
So, basically, you can be expecting more posts from me in the coming weeks! I feel so happy about this and will keep my reading up, because it is something I love and I don't want to EVER get sick of!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

What am I reading and listening to?:

♫ Dirty Little Secret - All American Rejects 
📖 Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austin
Teenagers - My Chemical Romance
📖 Trials of Apollo by Rick Riordan 
♫ Big Dog - Masketta Falls

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Thank you so much for reading this quick little post! This was very enjoyable to write! I am going to go driving today, then I am going to a party and will try and read! Thanks for checking out my blog and if you want leave a comment just to say hi! 

Until next time, keep reading!
-Shelbi (Book Ambrosia)

Wednesday, 29 June 2016

The process of choosing a book...

We all know that choosing a book can be hard, as book nerds we have so many books to chose from! 
Let us be choosing a book from the library, to choosing a book to buy, or even to choosing our next book to read! Choosing a book is not easy! 
So read on to find out the many different things that run through a book nerds head as they are trying to CHOOSE A BOOK!...

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

There are so many beautiful books out there, with beautiful covers, plots and authors! Which means that there are so many books I NEED to read and buy! My friend and I have actually planned to got book shopping these holidays - we are basically just going to go to my favorite two-story Dymocks and basically buy hundreds of books!
Anyway, back to a book worms thoughts when trying to choose a book!

1. What genre... YA? Contemporary? What about good old supernatural?... Probably the most important part of choosing a book too read! My default is always a mystical YA book, because I just LOVE YA and supernatural! 
2. Now I have decided on a genre, do I want to read a book that is apart of a series or a stand alone? This is actually a huge thing to decide! For me, if I start a series I want to binge read it or I feel really bad... The source of me sadness is that I have a reasonably bad memory and I normally forget what happens... And to be honest,, I have so many book I NEED to read and don't have time to reread a series. (Unless it is a series I adore! Because I always have tie to reread them!)
3. Next, where will I get this book from? Because there is always the library, the fantastic place where you can get FREE BOOKS! But, if you are anything like me, you understand the issue I have about wanting to own the books that you read. Like, I love the idea of not paying for my books, but I love having the books on my shelf even more... The other thing is just going to your TBR shelf (or in my case - pile) and pick up and book and tada! There is your new read! Or... you could make like most of the book community and go out and buy ten new books for every one book you finish... To be honest, that is probably what I am going to do...
4. What type of book... Want vs. Need! As a book blogger, I am lucky enough to be sent books to review by authors and publishers, and because of this I kind of need to review these books for the amazing people who sent them to me (plus I actually LOVE all of the books that I am sent). And then there are the books that I have bought myself and these books are usually the books that is ABSOLUTELY ADORE and cannot wait to read!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Thank you so much for reading this quick little post! i actually really enjoyed writing this while I was watching booktubers. So, basically if you cannot tell, I am having a relaxing holiday! 

Until next time, keep on reading!
-Shelbi (Book Ambrosia)

Monday, 20 June 2016

Velvet review - written by Temple West

Attention! This review may contain spoilers that could reveal the story line or events that occur over the duration of the book. If this does not bother you, or if you would just like to get a better feel of what this book is about before you read it, please feel free to carry on and enjoy this review!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Quick overview:
When an evil demon is after you, the only thing that you can do is have a super hot vampire become your fake boyfriend slash bodyguard right? 
When Caitlin's mother dies and she has to uproot her whole life to move to live with people she can barley call family, she last thing she wants is to be marked by a demon and be scared for her life. But all that happens and the only form of protection that she has is a bipolar bad-boy vampire. 
But hey, what can you do?

(Velvet by Temple West)

Read the full summary and check out other books by Temple West on this Goodreads link.

Personal opinion on the book:
My emotions regarding this book can only be described as... neutral. 
I didn't dislike it, but I also didn't love it. Most of the book I just sat there, flipping page by page while thinking: Why?
Now don't get me wrong! I actually thought that the idea for this book was really great! It was something a little different (although it did kind of remind me of a "Wattpad book"). But still, the characters felt cliche and bland. I didn't like the female lead, she was just a little too helpless for me. And the male lead! Gosh, he was such a moody prick! One minute he loved her and the other he wouldn't look at her! 
The only character I did like was the little brother of the male lead and the best friend of the female lead. (Can you see how I am not using their names? That's cause I don't remember them! The charterers were just that forgettable...)
Overall, this book was very easy to read and was well written, although I am not the biggest fan of it, it was still a fantastic book to read. 

Star rating (out of 5):
This book was nothing special, but was still a nice and easy read. I give this book a 3/5 stars. 
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Okay, so my sister and I just started season 3 of the Arrow. And I already love it! 
I also received two packages in the mail! One is a book to review from an author and the other is my YA Chronicles book box! 
Today has just been the best day! 
I will hopefully be posting quite a lot these holidays, but just letting you know, if I'm not active over the weekend, I have an excuse! It's my birthday!!! 
Anyway, thanks for reading this post! Hope you are all having a fantastic week!

Until next time, keep reading!
-Shelbi (Book Ambrosia)